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WeChat Messenger Reaches Out to More Markets

Since the launch of WeChat, the popular messaging platform has successfully managed to gather a huge fan base in the original country of the app, China, and in other countries as well, and as a result of the increasingly palpable

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Wechat for IPhone X Plus?

Recently, Apple’s plans to introduce the masses with a curved iPhone in the near future made the rounds, and customers got very excited to be the firsts the purchase such a unique smartphone. However, it seems that pretty much prior

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Wechat Settings

This would obviously allow you to look at your profile and change your profile image, your account, everything related to your account. You can add Facebook as well, there’s address book matching. There are other general options that you have,

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Wechat Messenger Shake Option

Now, let’s quickly go ahead to the next option which is the shake option. Now, this is another interesting and fun application. All you have to do is shake the device so it quickly starts looking for people who are

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